Antimatter Studios

What is Antimatter

Antimatter is a fundamental type of matter that mirrors our visible reality. It is elusive, difficult to produce, but incredibly powerful.

Antimatter Studios takes inspiration from it’s physical namesake when creating digital products. Our products are made of those elusive elements that make the experiences simple yet incredibly powerful.

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Antimatter Studios Process Designed by Pixelatoms

What We Do

We believe in apps that are simple, beautiful, and accomplish their purpose exceptionally well. We will work with you to discover and create a successful experience for you and your users. No matter what stage of development and planning, we can take your vision from concept to reality.

Our Process:

  • Discovery: Define your project goals and what is necessary for success.
  • Experience: Design every interaction to be simple, intuitive, and purpose-driven.
  • Development: Architect to grow with your business and maximize performance.
  • Quality: Test to ensure they meet all goals and our high quality standards .
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Antimatter Studios Mission Designed by Pixelatoms

Our Mission

We are a team of engineers dedicated to creating meaningful experiences. Our mission is to build digital products that make the world more engaging, efficient, and exciting.

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Web and Mobile Application Development

No matter where we come into a project, we focus on three core areas when creating digital products: engaging users experiences, scalable performance, and extensible code.

Antimatter Web Applications Development Designed by Pixelatoms

Web Applications

Applications built for the web run in a browser. Web applications are diverse and capable of enterprise-scale tasks. Running in a browser, web applications aren’t limited by devices or availability.

We Provide:

  • Design and user interface
  • Cloud API and data processing
  • Server infrastructure and optimization
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Antimatter Mobile Applications Development by Pixelatoms

Mobile Applications

What mobile apps lack in versatility, they make up for in mobility. Mobile apps take advantage of the cameras, sensors, and GPS to create an experience that cannot be achieved in a traditional browser.

We Provide:

  • Mobile development for phone and tablet
  • Apps for iOS (Apple) devices
  • Apps for Android devices
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Remote Team Management

At Antimatter, we build meaningful products by leveraging top engineering talent across the US and the globe.

Let us help you build bandwidth in order to accelerate internal development, integrate with existing departments and processes, and manage deliverables to ensure the highest quality output. In order to provide you with a sustainable, long-term solution, we can customize talent recruitment, onboarding, and integration to fit your unique needs.

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